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Wax Warmers

Wax Warmers

Wax warmers heat wax to the perfect temperature for smooth hair removal, available in different sizes and designs for both professional salons and home use.

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Save $62.36Double Wax WarmerDouble Wax Warmer
Double Wax Warmer Sale price$56.64 Regular price$119.00
Save $48.68Single Wax WarmerSingle Wax Warmer
Single Wax Warmer Sale price$40.32 Regular price$89.00
Save $3.56Paraffin Warmer Machine
Paraffin Warmer Machine Sale price$85.44 Regular price$89.00
Skin Act Roll On Wax Warmer With Two Or Three CartridgesSkin Act Roll On Wax Warmer With Two Or Three Cartridges
Save $3.56Triple Wax WarmerTriple Wax Warmer
Triple Wax Warmer Sale price$85.44 Regular price$89.00