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SkinAct Organic Rose Argan Oil 4 oz

SKU: SKU24096
Sale price$52.80 Regular price$72.00

SkinAct Organic Rose Argan Oil 4 oz
SkinAct Organic Rose Argan Oil 4 oz Sale price$52.80 Regular price$72.00

USDA Organic

Argan oil, extracted from the seeds of the argan tree native to southwestern Morocco, is rich in hydrating fatty acids like linoleic and oleic acids, vitamin E, and antioxidants that protect and nourish both skin and hair by moisturizing, improving texture, preventing damage from free radicals, and serving as an effective conditioner, with our 100% Organic Argan oil.

• Minimize Fine Line
• Restores Elasticity
• Improves Skin Tone
• Soothes Irritation
• Neutralizes Free Radicals

How To Use

+ Use cleanser to wash face before.

+ Apply a dime-size of Rose Argan oil to fingertips and gently massage onto desired area (skin, hair or scalp), avoiding the eyes.

+ Reapply as needed.